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The latest financial news on Opportunity Zones

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Where Opportunity Zones Fit Into Your REI Strategy

November 5, 2019- Forbes

Opportunity zone investing is a popular topic around which details can be obscure and challenging to interpret. There’s also some confusion about how investing in opportunity zones works, who it’s for and the tax deferral and elimination advantages it affords...  


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Opportunity Zones' Social Impact On California's Housing Market

November 8, 2019- Forbes

California is positioned to take full advantage of an opportunity to breathe life into low-income neighborhoods throughout the state. An economic impact of hundreds of millions of dollars could significantly improve conditions in the state's 879 federally designated opportunity zones in low-income communities...    


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Don’t miss deadline for Opportunity Zone tax benefits

October 30, 2019- Real Estate Weekly

The clock is ticking on a major benefit of the Opportunity Zone program. On December 31, 2019, the 15 percent capital gain tax discount benefit under the Opportunity Zone regulations expires as the seven-year timeframe necessary to receive such 15 percent capital gain tax discount benefit by the year 2026 becomes unattainable...    


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